In Vietnamese, “Banh” translates to “Bread”.  At the Banh Shop, we take our bread and our sandwiches very seriously.  It’s this commitment to high quality that has won us award after award for our Banh Mi sandwiches.  But we try not to be too serious as to not have some fun with our sandwich specials.  Take this month’s Banh Mi feature for instance.  We’re doing a French Dip Banh Mi with roasted and thinly shaved sirloin (as you might find in a traditional Pho) on fresh crispy baguette with a green curry mayo, tomato, and a “Pho Jus” for dipping.  Like all of our food, we make our “Pho Jus” daily; a fragrant broth boosted with beef stock and topped with fresh chopped herbs.  It represents the best of French influence made more special with the vibrant flavors of Vietnam.  Traditional?  Maybe not something you’ll see or experience in other Vietnamese restaurants but that’s okay with us.  We’re here to serve fresh and flavorful food inspired by the roots of our French and Vietnamese heritage.  Our commitment to that continues!